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GRUB | Day 2, 3 and 4 of 42 days of change

Day 2, 3 and 4 of 42 days of change

by GRUB14. February 2012 14:59


I am 4 days into the 42 and feeling pretty good. I have been tested everyday and am happy to say that so far so good. I did however have a taste Radley's Organic Cacao coconuts balls which have a tiny bit of maple syrup in them. Maple Syrup is still sugar but a much better sweetener than normal sugar.
One thing I have not been doing is drinking enough water and I really notice it. The other day I hadn't had a drop of water until 2pm and I was feeling crap. Tired, headache and couldn't concentrate. as soon as I got a litre or so into me I started feeling heaps better. It is so important to keep our water intake up. I add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt in my filtered water. The minerals in the salt helps your body hold more of the water within your body.
I am noticing that I am not getting bloated after my meals since I have not been having grains, my wife loves it as I am not lying down after eating groaning and rubbing my belly. ( not a pretty picture)
Aaron who is helping me at Origin of Energy took photos and did my measurement the other day which I have attached. I am very nervous about posting photos of myself with no shirt on the internet. However I am committed to this and want to show everyone what you can do.
So here are my meals from the last few days.
Day 2
Smoothy: coconut, two raw eggs, sprinkle of Vanilla and a handful of blue berries.
 Mid morning coffee
Steak Tartare with salad
 I also ate a punnet of blueberries in the afternoon and drank a coconut.
6 sweet chilli chicken sausages tomato and avaocado salsa and fried capsicum and onions in coconut oil.
Fresh Organic cream with vanilla and blueberries.
 Movement for the day was a tough session at Origin.Did a circuit of Sumo kettle bell squats with bicep curl, barbell front squat, assisted pull ups, and swiss ball push ups.
 10 reps each and 4 sets.
Day 3
Egg, cheese and bacon omelette ( my beautiful wife made it for me....thanks babe)
 morning coffee
 Organic Cacao coconuts balls
 No lunch as I was at the dentist and then busy at work( i hate missing meals)
12 hr slow cooked grass fed beef brisket with Grated carrot and apple salad. ( once again my wife come to the rescue)
 desert was again cream with blueberries, peach and yogurt and cinnamon.
No movement today very sore from my session the day before and did a bit of lifting animals and boxes at the shop anyway.
 Epsom salt bath and used the foam Roller to help with my sore muscles, works a treat!
Day 4
Didn'tt eat breaky straight away until I had my usual smoothy at about 9 ish. Felt terrible too until I had it.
 couple of slices of ham mid morning as i was walking past the slicer in the shop and there was a ham on it so I couldn't resist as i have to make sure it is still ok to sell!!!
 Lunch was the same as dinner last night as we had left over( love leftovers, always make extra when you are cooking so you can eat leftovers the next day)
 Dinner tonight is either chicken wings or rump steak...dont know yet will let you was chicken wings cooked for 60min at 150degrees.


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