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When is a butcher shop not a butcher shop?

by GRUB5. March 2013 07:56

When is a butcher shop not a butcher shop?

Farmers’ markets have been going from strength-to-strength in many urban centers around the world, with Sydney no exception to the trend.  The markets are seen as an opportunity for consumers to connect directly with growers of food.  And, generally, they get to purchase produce that is more fresh than that available at your traditional shop.

There is a common variation at most markets where farmers aren’t actually manning the stand selling their produce but, rather, someone is representing them. 

A few farmers may have formed something of a ‘co-op’ to share the duty of staffing the stand.  Or, alternately, it may be an intermediary – a wholesaler – who sources product directly from a number of different farmers and sells their product at the markets.  Another variation on the theme is when one producer may source additional product from other farmers in order to provide a greater, or more diverse, offering.

Now there are good reasons for Farmers’ Markets to support these different models.  Not every farmer represented at the market produces enough to justify the time and expense of running their own stall.  Or it may be they simply can’t afford the time away from their farm to attend the markets.  And, of course, there’s the possibility that the intense social interaction involved in selling their wares at a market is not their cup-of-tea and they’re much happier staying in the paddock. 

Whatever the reason, the thing that matters is that they are getting their produce to market and by-passing the whole corporate-industrial-supply-chain. 

And so it seems most consumer devotees of Farmers’ Markets are happy to accept that even if it’s not Farmer Jack or Farmer Jill behind the stand the chances are the person selling the goods know Jack and/or Jill.  At most, they are one-step removed.

Why is GRUB waxing lyrically about Farmers’ Markets?

Because while thinking about Farmers’ Markets we had one of those moments and it struck us … “Hey, that’s us!”

The notion of describing GRUB as a ‘butcher shop’ didn’t ever sit right.  It feels incomplete.  Sure, we employ butchers and sell meat.  But sitting in the ‘butcher shop’ category just doesn’t do more than scratch the surface of who we are and what we do.

Rather, GRUB is something of a Farmers’ Market – only one that’s opened 6 days a week and home delivers!

How so?

We purchase the vast majority of our meat (beef, lamb, pork and chicken) direct from the farmers.  And, now, we are beginning to source more and more of our fruit and vegetables direct from the growers.

Our bodies of beef come from Peter Clay of Taralga Springs Beef, our lamb from Nick Malone of Malone Lamb and our pigs come from Mark Boileau of Graze and Flavour. 

These are not the names of Sales Managers or people in the Accounts Department.  These are the guys who are on the farm growing the meat.  There is nobody between GRUB and the growers in the supply chain.  This close connection means when a GRUB customer wants to know anything about the meat and how it came to be, if we don’t know the answer, Peter, Nick or Mark are just a phone call away.

So the next time you think ‘GRUB’, think Farmers’ Market – because that’s how we and our growers like to think of it.

If you are interested in trying us out and can't make it to Vaucluse try our online shop and have GRUB delivered to your door. Click here for more details

Cow Share - An Introduction

by GRUB20. February 2013 08:54

The Cow Share Philosophy

The ‘Cow Share’ program is designed around a community approach to consuming an entire animal – from nose to tail. 

It enables a group of people to each buy a share of an entire carcass and to distribute the meat, fat and bone among the shareholders.  Participants will receive a little bit from the front of the animal, a little from the back and a share of everything in between. 

In short, it is an attempt to replicate the age-old practice where an animal was slaughtered to be shared among the community. 

We use Taralga Springs Beef bodies in the Cow Share program and can arrange a visit to the farm for anyone who wants to see where their animal came from.

How it works

A carcass in the Cow Share scheme is broken up into 8 shares, so that a participant in a Cow Share is entitled to 1/8th of the carcass.  Once there are 8 participants registered for a Cow Share, the butchers can begin cutting and packaging the carcass. 

What you get

Each participant will get an equal share of the carcass.  That will include ‘prime’ cuts, ‘secondary’ cuts, mince, sausages, bones (for stock or soup) and fat.

The precise allocation of what you receive will vary for a variety of reasons. 

Firstly, the sizes of carcass will vary throughout the year, though they are generally within the 250-280 kilogram range.  (That’s what they weigh when delivered to the shop.  As they are dry aged a great deal of moisture is lost from the body – which enhances the flavour and texture of the meat, but means they weigh less when they come to be butchered.)

Secondly, in a natural, free-range and pasture-based environment the fat cover on a carcass will vary throughout the seasons. 

Finally, there are ‘swings and roundabouts’ in the allocation of the carcass.  For example someone might get a little less t-bone than others, but it’ll be made up with more scotch fillet.  And not all bones are grown equally – so when splitting the bones 8-ways it may result in variability in allocation.   

The total weight of what you have available to put in your fridge and freezer is likely to be in the range of 22-30 kilos. 

What it costs

The cost of a Cow Share unit is $330 plus delivery which includes a GRUB cooler bag .  This entitles you to 1/8th share of a whole carcass.

We have fixed the price at this level to simplify things and to fairly accommodate the slight variation of body sizes over the course of the year.

Who is it for?

A Cow Share is not for everyone.

If receiving 22-30 kilograms of beef at one time is too daunting, this is not for you. 

Similarly, if you only ever want to eat scotch or eye fillet, then give it a miss. 

However, if the idea of splitting a Cow Share with friends and family in the spirit of ‘community’ appeals to you, then a Cow Share might be for you.

Or if you like the challenge of tackling cuts of beef you might not ordinarily buy and enjoy new culinary experiences, then you might be a Cow Share candidate.

If this sounds like you, give us a call.

Or order online by clicking here Cow Share


GRUB Chats With Taralga Springs Beef

by GRUB19. February 2013 11:03



It’s important for G.R.U.B. to visit our producers and Taralga Springs Beef is no exception. In this interview owner Peter Clay details his property, Taralga Springs, and what is important to him as producer of Taralga Springs Beef.

Peter: "Taralga Springs is located slightly inland at the top of the Great Dividing Range on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. We’re 900 metres above sea level so we experience a milder climate and enjoy higher rainfall than surrounding areas.

The name 'Taralga Springs’ comes from the natural springs that are literally dotted all over the 2,250 acres we farm. These springs feed water into our dams and the river that runs through the property.

All the beef I produce is conceived, born and grown on the property in a 100% pasture regime. While farming in this way absolutely guarantees the provenance of the beef and the farming techniques employed, it requires a fair amount of land relative to the amount of beef. It’s a very different process to finishing cattle in a feedlot or 'buying-in’ calves from an outside source. All of which means it won’t be the cheapest beef on offer, but to pay a little more for 100% grass-finished beef is a decision to invest in your health, that of the animals and the environment.

The combination of our farming methods and the terroir of the place (to borrow a word from the wine-world’s lexicon) gives the beef we produce a special flavor profile. We don’t expect wines from different regions to taste the same and, in the same way, there’s no reason to expect beef from different regions to provide the same flavors..."

News From Malone Lamb

by GRUB19. February 2013 11:01

Here at GRUB we like to be in regular contact with our farmers. They do such a great job in producing sensation food and its important that they share with us their news from the farm. As they have all said to me they are more than happy to share with us their story what happens day to day. Here is some news from Nick Malone, the guy responsible for that tasty Lamb you have all been eating.

"Hello to all our friends in Sydney, I hope this farm update finds you all well. Things have been busy over recent months, with ewes heavily lambing, and the winter crop going in. A very wet Summer and early start to the season had provided us with great pasture growth and ensured that the new seasons crops and pastures went in at optimum times. The Summer rain did cause some headaches however, with fly troubles, crop downgrades, and the failure of our grape vintage. Like any season you just hope the good out ways the bad.

Each day one of the family is going around our four blocks, checking for lambing difficulties, a job made easier with lots of fresh green feed around. Lambing percentages have been excellent in the mobs marked so far, no surprise as the stock are in great condition. You can check out some photos on our Facebook page. The first mobs of ewes started Lambing in March, and others will continue through until October. It is a seven month spread with the largest number hitting the ground between May and July. The pasture growth has slowed down in Winter but we know Springs will soon arrive.

Last season’s Lamb are coming to an end as we look forward to weighing some of this years’s drop. It won’t be long before these lambs are arriving at GRUB , I suspect early August at this stage. Crutching will again soon start as we get closer to shearing, and many a Lamb will be weighed and marked as the season goes around.

From the team at Malone Lamb a big thank you for supporting our product and the positive feedback we receive.
Nick Malone"

GRUB celebrates cool room opening with Cow Share 2 U

by GRUB19. February 2013 08:56

Here at GRUB we are excited to be opening our new cool rooms. 

Perhaps not the sort of thing that regularly excites people, but we’re not your regular butcher shop.

Unlike most butcher shops, we buy the vast majority of our meat in whole bodies (not pre-cut, vacuum packed and in cartons).  Also unlike most butchers, we deal directly with the farmers.

Beef.  Lambs.  Pigs.  The lot.  We buy them whole and we get them directly from the farmer.  Because of this we need far more cool room space than most butcher shops. 

See, hanging bodies (while they dry age) consumes more space than meat stacked in boxes.  So from a simple storage perspective, buying bodies requires more cool room space.

And when you deal directly with farmers you can’t just buy a body every few days as you find space.  No, small producers need to be able to process and transport a reasonable commercial volume of animals each time.  So in order to work with producers we might take 5 or 6 bodies of beef at a time, or 20 lambs, and then not have another delivery for a fortnight.  All of which requires storage space.

But it is the only way to guarantee the provenance of the meat we sell.

Having worked with our original cool room for the past couple of years we’ve now splashed-out and invested in a serious renovation and extension of our cool room facilities.  This means our capacity for hanging bodies has grown considerably.

What to do with all this new space?

We’ve decided the only fair thing to do is to fill it up with bodies and have a cool room opening special!

So, here’s the deal.

Anyone who orders and pays for a Cow Share before the end of March will receive free delivery anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area.  Cow Share 2 U, if you like.  And, for the month of March, pay only $320 (formerly $380).

To find out more about Cow Share, click here: 


Introduction to GRUB Food Facts and Blog

by GRUB12. February 2013 08:52

At GRUB we believe it is important for people to make their own enquiries when it comes to health and nutrition.  Part of this process is to read widely and have an open mind. 

To help GRUB customers in that process our 'Food Facts' section will provide summaries of, and links too, some of the interesting information we’ve found in our travels.

Our 'Blog' section will present some more personal experiences we have in our health and nutrition journey. 

GRUB Chats with Martin Boetz from Longrain

by GRUB13. October 2012 14:40

We caught up with Martin Boetz the owner of Longrain restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. He is a great friend of ours and an amazing cook. Here is what he had to say.

GRUB: GRUB has gotten to know You over the last few years and your wit and charm has kept us lured in not to mention your ability with Thai cooking   (You do it so well! )  For those who don’t know you very well, would you mind telling us a little about yourself and what led you to Thai cuisine?

MB: My passion for cooking began at an early age in Queensland with an apprenticeship at Lennons’ Brisbane Hotel. I completed my training at Faces, a restaurant then owned by Vincent Rae - now of Byron Bay’s, Rae’s on Wategos.
Moving to Sydney in 1990, I furthered my career at several well known Sydney restaurants. I worked with David Novak-Piper at Zigolini’s in Double Bay and it was here I first met Sam Christie, who would later become my Longrain business partner. This was followed by a brief stint at The Russell Hotel before moving on to work with my mentor, David Thompson, at Darley Street Thai.   It was during this period that I first developed a passion and palate for Asian food cooked with the freshest, local produce and ingredients.
I later went on to run Sailors Thai - another of Thompson’s celebrated Thai restaurant ventures. It was here that I garnered a reputation as one of Australia’s leading talents of contemporary Thai-style Asian cooking.
In 1999, I joined forces with Sam Christie to launch Longrain Restaurant & Bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills and together We opened Longrain Melbourne in 2005 to more rave reviews.
In 2003, I was honored when David Thompson visited from London to officially launch my first cookbook: "Longrain Modern Thai Food".

GRUB: Recently you opened a canteen style version of Longrain, of which is appropriately named Shortgrain.)  What is the most popular dish that you serve at Shortgrain?  Is it a full menu there?

MB: The most popular dish at Shortgrain at the moment is "Yellow curry of Cape Grim beef with pickled mustard greens and roti"

The Shortgrain menu has 6 dishes that change daily that are designed to be shared or as a quick stop to refuel and get nourished.

GRUB: I could not imagine a week without a stop in at Shortgrain.  What are the hours you are open for lunch?

MB: We are open from 11.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Shortgrain is also available for private functions in the evening.

GRUB: There is no doubt about the fact that you are brilliant in the kitchen, Is there another style of cooking, or ethnic flavor that inspires you? 

MB: Italian. Before Longrain  opened I spent a year working in Italy and I still love cooking the food that I learnt while living there.

GRUB: Being a Butchery we would love to hear what your favorite cut is and why?

MB: For a great Thai beef salad, I can’t go past a grass fed piece of beef sirloin letting or the fat melt into the grill to give a smoky caramelised flavour to the salad.

GRUB: How would you prepare it?

MB: Grill the sirloin over an open fire is fantastic as the fat drips into the charcoal and this also gives the meat a slightly smoky flavour.

GRUB: Marty, with winter well on its way we are always keen to find out new ideas and recipes that will keep us warm and singing over the cold winter months, do you have a recipe you could share with us that will do just that?

MB: Mussaman curry of lamb shanks

GRUB: 2012 is in full swing, How has your year been so far? Working on any new projects? Or any classes or courses we should know about?

MB:  I have just bought a farm in Sackville, Hawkesbury  and am planning on growing some of our own produce for Longrain on my property.

Thank you so much Marty for chatting with us here @ GRUB, we hope that you enjoy the rest of what 2012 will bring, we definitely look forward to enjoying what you have to offer us, in the way of tantalizing delights!  Keep in Touch.

Longrain  Sydney and Melbourne  85 Commonwealth st., Surry Hills 2010. (02) 9280 2888


GRUB chats with Lee Holmes

by GRUB12. June 2012 14:45

Recently Grass Roots Urban Butchery met up with Lee Holmes, "Supercharged Foods", and we asked her to tell us more about herself and her plans for 2012.
GRUB: "Are you a country girl or a city girl?"
LH: "I am a coastal girl, I grew up in Canterbury in the UK and spent a lot of my weekends down in Dover, Margate, Whitstable on the water. When I was in my twenties I was engaged to a dairy farmer in Cheshire and I worked on the farm milking over 400 cows and lambing sheep too! I love the country and my ideal place to live would be a farm on the south coast of NSW."
GRUB: "What is your favourite type of food to eat and create?"
LH: "My favourite types of foods to eat and create are foods that are nutrient rich and hearty. I have a recipe in my book Supercharged Food which is Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Rosemary & Lemon. Lamb shanks feel great in autumn and winter and it quite literally couldn't be easier to make. I buy organic grass fed lamb which respond well to slow cooking and the succulent meat just falls off the bone. I just pop it into my slow cooker in the morning and come home to a deliciously intense flavoursome and fulfilling meal. It partners well with turnip fries and cauliflower mash which are recipes that you will also find in my book."
GRUB: "Lamb Shanks would be an Aussie classic for sure and what a great recipe to bring in this cool weather. We are loving your Book Lee, it's fantastic and creative! Do you have a "Naughty" food Lee?"
LH: "My naughty food that I love to indulge in is peppermint cacao chocolate with coconut sugar! It is great as a treat now and again and definitely satisfies cravings. It's actually not that naughty either.
GRUB: "Thats sounds incredible!! In your new book "supercharged Foods - Eat your way to good health" we read that you were diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 2006. This led you to become a keen health and food researcher which helped you to develop a a diet regime that brought you to a full recovery. Now that's incredible!!Can you tell us what led you to write this book and give us three steps to making it easy on people who have a tough time giving up certain foods or even making a change to their already convenient lifestyle?
LH: "About four years ago I was forced to make a complete career change after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I gave up my job in the music industry and decided to pursue my dream of becoming an advocate for a natural health and a whole foods lifestyle. I started sharing recipes with friends and family and the easiest way to do this was through the internet so I created a website called to enable my friends to find the recipes whenever they needed them. The website became more and more popular and then friends of friends were sharing the recipes and it just grew from there. I wrote the book as many people were asking me to share my story and wanted to know how I improved my health through diet.
When I was first diagnosed I was on a very restricted diet, everything I seemed to eat would make me come out in hives or I couldn't digest it properly. My body was reacting to everything. I began with a simple diet and consumed soups and liquids to help repair my gut which is where many auto immune diseases begin. I started to omit, gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar from my diet and my health dramatically improved. As my gut and health improved I introduced nutrient rich super foods into my diet and they helped to boost my immune system and give me the energy and vitality I needed to heal my body at cellular level.
Three Steps:
I think the biggest mistakes people make about their diets is not to listen to their own inner wisdom. Everything is so fast and furious these days and we tend to eat more on the run, at our desks or between emails grabbing quick packaged snacks which provide instant energy. People get into a routine of having to have an afternoon sugar-ladened snack to get them through the afternoon slump. For many people food is an afterthought and because of our busy lives we don't always have the time to sit down and enjoy our food and think about where it came from and how it will affect their bodies and long term health. Let's re putting artificial, chemically laden processed foods into your body for a long period of time, your body is not going to be able to process them and toxins will build up and start to create niggly little ailments and health conditions. It makes sense if you continually feed your body the wrong things; it is going to eventually send in the unions and refuse to work.
Secondly look at your diet and start in the gut. Healing the gut is a big part of being able to ingest nutrients from the foods that you are eating. You could have the healthiest foods in the world but unless you are absorbing them they are just going to waste and you are not receiving all of the benefits. Using natural antibiotics and anti-fungals such as garlic and onion and then using probiotics to add beneficial bacteria helps heal your gut so you can get the most out of the food you are eating.
 Try to add nutrient-rich and super foods to your diet, these are foods which have a high nutrient value and are dense in particular vitamins and minerals and deliver a significant amount of these nutrients to your body. When you look at nutrient-dense foods they are the opposite of many processed foods and low-calorie foods which are low in nutrition in comparison. Nutrient rich foods and super foods deliver multiple vitamins and minerals to your body and offer amazing health benefits. They work wonders in keeping your mind and body healthy. In the book there is a section which covers my top ten superstar super foods and there you will find foods such as quinoa, spinach, kale and sardines. There are super food ingredients you can cook with too as I mentioned before such as onions, garlic and I like to use ginger as well for added flavour and zing.
GRUB: "Now a lot of the customers that we get into our shop, I know, will love this cookbook, can you tell me one recipe from the many divine recipes that is a favourite, a classic, or simply must be tried immediately?"
LH: "There are over 90 recipes in the book which they are all gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free. Each recipe is bursting with nutrient-rich or 'super foods that will help nourish and heal your body at a cellular level, just like it did for me. There are lots of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes along with yummy desserts, snacks and also recipes on how to create the basics such as stocks, sauces, milks and dressings. The book is for anyone wanting to improve their health along with the increasing number of people suffering from autoimmune disorders such as Crohn's, coeliac disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis, Candida and other food allergies and intolerances. My favourite recipe in the book is Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower Mash. It's such a hearty and comforting meal and is simple to cook too. If you make extra portions you can have it for lunch the next day. I like making it in little oven proof pots and serving them with a crunchy green beans sprinkled with nutritional yeast flakes.
GRUB: "What a great way to trick the kids too....with cauliflower mash instead of potatoes! Our favourite thing, and easiest, so far would be those incredible crackers. What an inventive and flavourful way to have a cracker without all the gluten, sugar, and preservatives a regular cracker would have. Lee now that your book has taken off, and life, is no doubt, moving quickly...What are your plans for 2012?"
LH: "I am going to the UK in a couple of weeks to do my book tour and speak at a national health and wellness show in Earls Court which is going to be really exciting. When I get back I am going to start producing my aromatic herb and garlic cracker recipe for stores and also build up the Supercharged Food Activated Almonds and Activated Walnuts range. I am also looking at writing book two which will be Supercharged Food for Kids. In September I will be travelling over to the US to promote my book at Barnes and Noble. So a very busy and exciting year planned! If anyone would like to visit my website or blog "
GRUB: "For all of those GRUB readers and shoppers out there, We now carry the activated almonds and walnuts in store, and they are scrumptious!!Try to stop at just one. We will hold tight till you return to get a stock of those crackers too! Lee, Thank you so much for sitting and chatting with GRUB today, We wish you all the best for 2012, and with the new book, "Super Charged Food". We know it will be a great success for you. Please pop by any time, we love a visit from inspiring people! Talk soon.


42 Days of change wrap up

by GRUB21. February 2012 15:28

 This post is a few weeks late so better late than never! For those who havent read any of this babble before then here is the start 42 days of change My 42 Days of no grain and no sugar in all honesty was 21 Days. After the the wedding I attended half way through the 42 days Some sugar and some grain crept back in. Then I regrouped and finished off the last 7-10 days with what I set out to achieve. I have realised that my body is just so much better when I have no Grain or sugar in my diet. It is now 3 weeks since the 42 days ended and grain and sugar have crept back into my body. I feel like crap to be honest. I am bloated again, not sleeping as well and now my neck is hurting, especially after having one too many drinks for a friends birthday last weekend. I got lazy and haven't been prepared by having good food around and ready for me to eat. This lead me to taking the lazy and easiest options....sugar and carbs. So its time for me to snap back into shape and say no to that addiction to sugar. Preparation is the key and storing back ups or emergency meals in the freezer or fridge is where I need to improve. Sometimes you really couldn't be stuffed cooking, especially after a long day at work. I am sure I am not the only person who has this problem so there has to be a solution. What is it? I haven't figured it out yet but am trying different things. We have a chef starting at GRUB next week. Maybe he is our answer, takeaway cooked GRUB?


Start                                          half way                               end


Week 4- Choc chip cookies!!!

by GRUB20. February 2012 15:20

It wasn't the best week for me as a few things crept back into my diet. It was a run off from my hangover I think last Sunday and I didn't have the will power to stop it. No one else to blame except myself. I had some grain and sugar last week, not heaps like I would have in the past but still had some. I had a few of Ali's choc chip cookies on Sunday, come on I am only human. They were fresh out of oven, smelt so good and they were still warm. Whats a man to do? watching my beautiful sexy wife pull a tray of warm cookies out of the oven how could I resist. She pushed me away so I went for the poor defenceless cookies!! They we made with Organic spelt flour and organic chocolate and organic sugar.
 There was also one or two pieces of chocolate and a slice of bread consumed last week also. I went 3 weeks solid without anything nasty and then broke but I am happy to say I am back on the path to Change.
Maybe I should call it a mid way experiment just to see if it would make me feel any different. Well it sure did, felt bloated straight away and wanted to binge more and more.
 Sugar is so addictive. Damn you sugar!!
There was however some positive that cam out of last week. I did an extra training session, and felt really good. I also go through a very tough session with Aaron on friday and recovered well. My training as moved up a notch and starting to really notice some improvements. Feeling stronger and have more energy at training now. I have got to this point previously but my diet was not the way it should have. I would not recover as well and go into the next session depleted with energy and then I would hurt my neck and it would put me back to the start again. Food is definitely the key to health!
Haven't shared with you what we have been doing at training so I wanted to start now. As you know I have been training with my mate Aaron Mckenzie from Origin of Energy a couple of times a week. He is an amazing trainer and has a great gym up in Bondi Junction, next to medicare above the train station.
 You can do a workout and then sit down and chill for a while and have a freshly made smoothy or the meal of the day, which is some of our meat beautifully cooked in their cafe.
I am sure I have been a source of frustration for Az in the past as I was one of those clients that would go hard for a few weeks then go missing for a while and then come back injured blah blah blah. It is different now as mentioned above, and training is getting different and more interesting. When you start out training or coming back from an injuring or illness you really need to build a good solid foundation and then work from there. Yes it can be boring but it is so important. If not there will be some weakness or imbalance somewhere and will lead to further injury down the track. It is like trying to build a house, if you don't have a good solid base to build on your house will crack and maybe fall down, we need to wait for the slab to dry.
Our body moves in patterns and your muscles work together to perform those movements. So when we train we train using those movement patterns. The patterns are Squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, twist, gait. ( I think I have them all covered if not someone please correct me)
 We don't train chest and triceps or back and biceps. We have been building a basic squat, bend and lunge pattern and using a sled to get some loaded walking into the sessions as running and sprinting are not the best for my body yet. With the upper body we are building the push pull patterns without aggravating my neck, and eventually building back up to higher intensity, volume, speed and fatigue. Obviously with in all this the core is being used and trained as well as it is the most important part.
Anyway thanks for listening, the photos were of a pork shoulder I cooked on the weekend. 12-24 hrs @90 degress on a bed of fennel and apple.
To get the Crackling perfect just carefully remove the roast from the pan and place on fry pan or another dish and put under the grill. Keep an eye on it as it doesn't take long (5-10 min max)



Day 20,21 and my hangover!

by GRUB19. February 2012 15:15


Forgive me father for I have sinned.
 As mentioned in my previous post I was going to my cousins wedding. What a great day and night we had. If only though I had listened to my wife and gone home earlier with her I would not be feeling like crap.
 Yes I drank unfortunately way too much. I thought I only had one glass of wine but Ali tells me it kept being topped up by the waiter...damn waiter! then I moved onto Vodka and I cant blame anyone for that except
I was doing really well with the food staying away from the finger food with grain in it, but then the duck pancakes came around and I went weak, demolished half a dozen of those little bad boys, they are just delicious little throw downs.
 Lunch was prawns with avocado and then lamb and sweet potato, sensational!
 Then what could I do, my two all time favourites pavlova and sticky date pudding. Ali got the sticky date and I had the pavlova. Lucky it was a sugarless pavlova!!!
 My cousin wanted meat on a spit roast so later in the evening they could bring some tasty meat out and serve it with sauces and bread rolls. We did beef, pork and lamb cooked for 8 hours on the spit. Two pieces of rump with salt and cracked pepper and yellow mustard, pork shoulders with salt and cracked pepper and legs of lamb with garlic, cumin, salt and cracked pepper.
So I did in my night of weakness have one of those small bread rolls.
I must admit that after the pavlova I did feel pretty ordinary.
I have learnt not to beat myself up about breaking a few things its time to get back on track and put it behind me. It was a great night catching up with my cousins and cutting some rug.
Day 20 (wedding)
 coconut smoothy
 duck pancakes, lamb sweet potato prawns pavlova and red wine
 Vodka lime and soda
 Cheese pecans and pork on a little roll (it was white bread also!)
Day 21 ( my baby let me stay in bed until 11 are the best babe xx)
Worshiped the porcelain god
 Coffee and 4 beef sausages
Dont know what else I will eat today...probably not much!

Day's 14-19

by GRUB18. February 2012 15:06


19 days down and i am feeling fantastic. I have lost about 4 kg, full of energy and loving life. Got my blood test results the other day and My GP and Anthia ( ovvio) are all very happy. Everything is looking great no concerns there at all. My cholesterol is 5.4 but all the inflammatory markers are 100% fine and normal. Nothing to worry about.
The boys at work have been giving me a hard time as I have had a coconut chockie from Radley springs which had maple syrup in it. ( which is a form of sugar). I am not worried about those as they are few and far between and it is not processed sugar, it is a natural form. However it is a form of there you go Joel I am being honest!!
I have my cousins wedding tomorrow and yes I am allowing myself a drink or two. I am going to stick with Vodka and maybe 1 glass of red wine during lunch. No beer though as that will knock me around too much.
I think now my body as using fat as its main source of energy, i have heard other people talk about how they feel the shift and didn't really believe them but now I do. I can feel it, loads more energy and just clearer in my head about things. I seem to handle any stresses much better.
I still do miss a nice slice of sourdough bread with my eggs in the morning but I get over it very quickly where as the first week it was a challenge.
 Before i started this change I used to be worrying if I missed a meal and thought I need to eat and eat. Now though I can have a nice big nutrient dense meal full goodness and I will be right for at least half a day. My friends will be shocked to hear that as they have known me to be eating all the time. I would be planning my next meal while eating the meal of the time, no wonder I have been battling with my Gut for years.
What have been the changes I have notices so far?
 1. Bloating: this seems to be a thing of the past. Every meal I would be bloated not anymore thanks god!!
 2. Energy: loads more energy especially this week, look out Mathew Dad is coming to get you!!
 3. Dry scalp: although it is still a little dry sometimes it has improved a great deal. I think with more water each day it will go
 4. Hunger: no where near as hungry as I have been in the past.
Things to introduce in the next week:
 1.I am will be adding another training session per week
 2. Will start to have some Cod Liver oil and Turmeric each day
 Day 14:
 Onion capsicum and eggs
 Lamb rack, salad sweet potato
 Slow cooked beef sausages with bacon cheese onion and zucchini mixture all broened in a pan with butter then baked in the oven until
Cheese melted( wow)
Day 15:
 Coconut mint blueberry smoothy
 12 hour cooked beef spare ribs with Avocado tomato salsa.
 More ribs with salad
Day 16:
 BAcon and eggs
 coffee x 2( I know very naughty)
 12 hour cooked pork belly on a mash of apple and fennel. ( unbelievable) check out the photos on facebook!
 Tomato soup( which was made from the stock and left over from the beef spare ribs)
Day 17
 2 cups of beef broth
 Blueberry smoothy
 I didn't write it down and cant remember what I ate.
Day 18
 12 hour cooked chicken and salad.
 Left over chicken again and some sweet chilli chicken sausages.
 Blue berry strawberries coconut flakes and yogurt with cinnamon and vanilla powder.
Day 19:
 2 fried eggs and bacon
 Meatballs ( pork, beef and honey)
 Beef pockets which have onion and cheese in it.
 Lamb Cutlets on a bed of avocado and tomato
Happy eating everyone!

Half way through my 42 days

by GRUB17. February 2012 15:17

Here are some photos of me half way thourgh this 42 days of change.
The white shorts are from start and the blue shorts are after 3 weeks.

Half way

Day's 10-13 of 42 no grain and no sugar

by GRUB17. February 2012 15:05


Its now Day 14 and i think the last few days have been the most challenging for me. I am over my little man flu ( very scary illness)
 and I always get a craving when I get sick and its usually breads I crave. I did stay strong however I have to be honest and say I did slip on one occasion. At the movies I ate 4 onion rings which made me feel very ill. Before starting this change I could eat 20 onion rings and feel fine. Its seems that after only 10 days of not putting any garbage in my body I really notice it if I eat some garbage like that. Why did I do it? I don't know lapse of concentration maybe or the tower of onion rings was blocking my view of the movie so I had to eat a few to lower the height. What ever the reason I regretted it and made me realise even more that I no longer want to eat that crap again.
Last night I went to the pub for a few hours with my mates for a head wetting. One of my best mates and his wife had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago and its a tradition in Australia that the boys get together and celebrate the birth with the Dad and wet the baby's head with a few drinks. ( its just an excuse for us boys to get together at the pub and have a laugh). I was excited to get there and see some of the boys I hadn't seen for a while. I could of had a few of those icy cold beers instead I went for 2 Vodka Lime and soda's.
I will allow myself an icy cold beer or two on occasion after the 42 days, but just not all the time. My balance has been off in the past and just needs a little correction. I love a cold beer but unfortunately for me having it too often disagrees with me.
Did two sessions with Aaron this week and teamed up with Marty from longrain
 also. Its great to train with him as we are both starting to push each other now which is great. I am going to start increasing my training a little this week as I am feeling better and better and think its time to increase my training. For me its a fine line as in the past I have pushed the intensity too early and injured myself. I keep reminding myself this is for the rest of my life and dont rush it, listen to you body.
In today's paper there was an article about how this lady is sick of hearing about people giving up sugar, gluten etc. I can understand what she is saying as she hates people preaching to her and constantly going on about what they are doing. I have been guilty of this in the past and maybe still am a little. It is hard sometimes as you start feeling better and better and want to share that with people especially your friends and family. However it is a fine line and I have learned that you have to pick and choose what and who you share with. My rule now is I don't really talk about it unless people ask me, but be careful what you ask me as I may start yapping away and you will be wanting to run from me.....i warned you!!
Here is my food
Day 10
 scrambled eggs with capsicum
 Left over lamb shoulder with avocado tomato and lettuce wraps.
 Not that hungry so ate some chicken wings with the kids
Day 11
 Coconut smoothy
 Coconut mid morning
 Late lunch
 Meatballs in pasta sauce and avocado
 Wasn't feeling great didn't have any dinner early to bed.
 Woke up at 3 am starving.
Day 12
 After tossing and turning since 3 am craving bacon and eggs finally got up at 5 and cooked it, so nice!
 Scotch fillet steak and salad at my cousins pub in Double Bay ( The Oak) We supply grass fed beef to their restaurant.
 afternoon coffe and coconut ball
 Dinner at the movies
 Biltong and cheese platter
 Ordered the mini hamburgers and at the patties and left the bread
 4 onion rings.....yuck!!
Day 13
Coconut smoothy
 Slow rasted chicken drumsticks with pumpkin
 2 vodka lime and sodas at the head wetting
 Rack of lamb with salad
 Blueberries with yogurt and cream
happy eating everyone!!
PS you must excuse any spelling mistakes, unless Ali proof reads this there may be errors.

Days 6-9 of 42

by GRUB16. February 2012 15:04

One week down and 5 to go. I am really enjoying this, can feel my weight is dropping after one week which I think would just be fluid and not being bloated, it is feeling good, cant wait to get rid of my Gut! I keep getting tested everyday as there is so much crap food around. Everywhere you look it is so easy to grab a snack full of sugar. I am not going to break and as the days go on and the more nutritionally dense food I eat the easier it is to say no to that empty sugary carb crap.
It is Day 10 for me and I am battling a little Man flu. I think this is due to me being up late the last 4 nights and a little stressed from work. Just need to rest and keep the good food into me. What I have not been doing is drinking enough water also and really noticing it. I just keep forgetting to drink and realise that I need to drink when it is too late.
I have done 3 training sessions, 2 with with Aaron and one by myself. Have not been walking every other day like I said I would, which I need to improve however I have been doing allot of lifting and moving in the shop which is something. Can Always improve on things and that is what this 6 week challenge is about. Setting myself up with a realistic healthy lifestyle that works for me and i can maintain for the rest of my life.
Lots of great food I have been eating over the last few days. The most important thing i am finding is to be prepared and organised with your food so you always have something healthy to eat.
Some little tips that help me:
 1. When you do cook make extra so you can have leftovers for another meal or two. This is the best way to avoid breaking and eating crap and using the excuse of I didn't have time and that all there was ( which I have used all the time).
 2. Buy yourself some glass containers to store your left overs in and take to work.
3. Plan your meals ahead of time.
4. Slow raosting is easy and doesn't take long to prepare- once you pull one out of the oven just through another one in for the next day.90 degrees for 12 hours or 100 degrees for 8 hours are my slow cooking.
 5. Keep your fridge stocked.
So here is what I have been eating:
Day 6:
 Coconut smoothy
 Meatballs and a coffee
 Left over Veal shoulder
 I used all the stock that was left over from the veal shoulder added some more tomatoes and a little more beef stock put it back in the oven. Blended it and had tomato soups with grated cheese on top so good and easy.
 Cream, yogurt and blueberries ( i have cut down the amount of cream as i was having too much)
Day 7
 Scrambled eggs with capsicum and onion
 BBQ with friends- slow roasted chicken and BBQ steak and lamb and salad
 desert I ate too much cream and blueberries/strawberries again.
 Leftover chicken and avocado tomato salsa wrapped in lettuce leaves
Day 8:
 Coconut smoothy at Origin of energy after a workout with Aaron and MArty
 left overs from the day before.
 Roast Lamb rustic parcell with tomato and cucumber salad
 Day 9:
 Scrambled eggs and coffee
 Coconut and coconut ball
 Salad and shaved ham
 Cup of chicken Broth
 24hr slow cooked lamb shoulder with carrots, onion, garlic and tomatoes.

Day 5 of 42

by GRUB14. February 2012 15:03

Ok 5 days down and so far so good.
 I am felling good, little hungry still but satisfied. I am realising how much I would over eat. I never needed to eat as much as i did. I finished lunch today at Origin of energy and was still hungry. Asked Aaron what I can eat now as I felt hungry still and he said nothing until 4pm.....bastard!! I took his advice and funny enough I wasn't hungry 15 minutes later. I have been told that it takes 10-15 minutes for the message to be sent from you stomach to your brain to register that your no longer hungry. So always wait a little until you go for that second helping otherwise you will end up really full like I used to every meal.
 Well I didn't do any walking today, I did 15 min of stretching and foam roller work and some breathing squats. Better than nothing but still I could do more.
 I had to do some deliveries to the Northern beaches today which in the past has not been good for me as I have stopped for coffee and cookies. I took some snack with me ( salami and cheese) so I wouldn't be tempted to stop and get an unhealthy snack. I made it through the trip without breaking however I ate all my salami and cheese before I even got to our Potts Point store. Still had 2.5 hrs of driving to go!!
Smoothing, 2 raw Egganic eggs, vanilla powder, blueberries and flesh and juice from a coconut.
 Morning coffee
120g raw cheese, 100g salami
 1 coconut
lamb roast with salad.
Cup of beed bone broth
24hr slow roasted Veal Shoulder with avocado, tomato.

Day 2, 3 and 4 of 42 days of change

by GRUB14. February 2012 14:59


I am 4 days into the 42 and feeling pretty good. I have been tested everyday and am happy to say that so far so good. I did however have a taste Radley's Organic Cacao coconuts balls which have a tiny bit of maple syrup in them. Maple Syrup is still sugar but a much better sweetener than normal sugar.
One thing I have not been doing is drinking enough water and I really notice it. The other day I hadn't had a drop of water until 2pm and I was feeling crap. Tired, headache and couldn't concentrate. as soon as I got a litre or so into me I started feeling heaps better. It is so important to keep our water intake up. I add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt in my filtered water. The minerals in the salt helps your body hold more of the water within your body.
I am noticing that I am not getting bloated after my meals since I have not been having grains, my wife loves it as I am not lying down after eating groaning and rubbing my belly. ( not a pretty picture)
Aaron who is helping me at Origin of Energy took photos and did my measurement the other day which I have attached. I am very nervous about posting photos of myself with no shirt on the internet. However I am committed to this and want to show everyone what you can do.
So here are my meals from the last few days.
Day 2
Smoothy: coconut, two raw eggs, sprinkle of Vanilla and a handful of blue berries.
 Mid morning coffee
Steak Tartare with salad
 I also ate a punnet of blueberries in the afternoon and drank a coconut.
6 sweet chilli chicken sausages tomato and avaocado salsa and fried capsicum and onions in coconut oil.
Fresh Organic cream with vanilla and blueberries.
 Movement for the day was a tough session at Origin.Did a circuit of Sumo kettle bell squats with bicep curl, barbell front squat, assisted pull ups, and swiss ball push ups.
 10 reps each and 4 sets.
Day 3
Egg, cheese and bacon omelette ( my beautiful wife made it for me....thanks babe)
 morning coffee
 Organic Cacao coconuts balls
 No lunch as I was at the dentist and then busy at work( i hate missing meals)
12 hr slow cooked grass fed beef brisket with Grated carrot and apple salad. ( once again my wife come to the rescue)
 desert was again cream with blueberries, peach and yogurt and cinnamon.
No movement today very sore from my session the day before and did a bit of lifting animals and boxes at the shop anyway.
 Epsom salt bath and used the foam Roller to help with my sore muscles, works a treat!
Day 4
Didn'tt eat breaky straight away until I had my usual smoothy at about 9 ish. Felt terrible too until I had it.
 couple of slices of ham mid morning as i was walking past the slicer in the shop and there was a ham on it so I couldn't resist as i have to make sure it is still ok to sell!!!
 Lunch was the same as dinner last night as we had left over( love leftovers, always make extra when you are cooking so you can eat leftovers the next day)
 Dinner tonight is either chicken wings or rump steak...dont know yet will let you was chicken wings cooked for 60min at 150degrees.


Day 1 of 42

by GRUB13. February 2012 14:54

Day 1 of 42

Day 1
 Smoothie with blueberries, two raw eggs, coconut oil and organic milk.
 1 organic coffee
Morning tea
 150g raw cheese
 1 x Coconut
 Left over lamb shoulder from last night.
 Lamb cutlets and cheese.
All in all the day was good although at 3pm I was feeling tired and had a headache and realised I hadn't drank any water all day. I haven't done my 30 min of movement so I am off to walk the dog.
Below are some guidelines From Aaron at Origin of energy to help with my 42 days of change.
Lifestyle Modifications
 1.Take time out each week to relax and reflect on your own life. Work out what you want & need in your life (Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiritually)
 2.Make changes that your willing to make for the rest of your life
 3.Focus on the lifestyle that matches your goals. Stay Present: Enjoy the lifestyle/journey/process without being overly attached to the outcome/destination
 4.Think before you spend your time, energy & money
 5.Find a practical way to chill out and relax (cooking, gardening, walking, ocean swims, dancing, singing hanging out drinking smoothies at Origin of Energy)
 6.Make appointments with yourself and those that are important to you first
 7.Spend time in nature
 8.Reduce your exposure to chemicals: home & beauty
 9.Take the time to breathe
 10. Buy a foam roller/ massage ball & enjoy using it
 11.Purchase a water filter
 12.Buy a reusable water bottle
 13.3% of Body Weight in litres of water should be consumed per day with a small pinch of sea salt every litre
 14.Have an epsom salt bath 1-3 x per week
 15.Practice good dental hygiene daily (Flossing and brushing twice a day)
 16.Get a dental & medical check up every 6 months
 17.Eat Whole Fresh food from a good local organic source
 18.Consume food grown on healthy soil
 19.Ensure your meats & poultry are pastured
 20.Choose supplements that nourish and support your health
 21.Choose high quality fermented or raw dairy
 22.Prepare food to improve or maintain nutrient value
 23.Eat to feel and look how you desire
 24.Prepare food each day
 25.Take the time to relax & chew every mouthful
 26.Sit Down Family/ Friend Meal Daily without distractions
 27.Only eat grains, seeds, nuts & legumes that are soaked, sprouted or fermented
 28.Take grains & legumes out of the diet
 29.Keep carbs for post workout or if your need to gain weight
 30.Use fat as your primary source of fuel
 31.Move 20-30mins per day
 32.Be conscious of how you sit, stand, sleep, walk and exercise
 33.Alternate between lighter and heavier workouts
 34.Move your body to balance yourself
 35.Work up to heavy workouts
 36.Keep the Core Active
 37.Give yourself 4 practical allowances per week (alcohol, eating out, staying out)
 38.Turn the phone to airplane mode from 8pm - 8am, 5 nights per week
 39.Get a good bed & pillow as you spend1/3 of your life sleeping
 40.No caffeine after 2pm
 41.8hrs Sleep Regular Rhythm
 42.Don't take anything too seriously, Be grateful and LOVE

42 Days of change

by GRUB11. February 2012 14:49

On the weekend GRUB was invited by Aaron from Origin of Energy to participate in their "42 days of Change" workshop. One of our highly experienced butcher, did a lamb breaking demo and I spoke about our new GRUB pack. The day was great with over 60 people turning up to listen to Naturopath Anthia from Ovvio, Aaron, and taste some great dishes cooked by well known chef Martin, Owner of Longrain.
 The workshop was about giving you the knowledge and tools to make positive changes in your life in order to live a happy and heathy life. It's not about going on a health kick for 6 weeks then falling back into bad habits (what usually happens with fad diets and health junk that is available), it's making realistic changes over the next 6 weeks that you can sustain for the rest of your life.
So as part of this I have decided to take the challenge and document the next 42 days of my life. I will be getting photos of myself at the start and then in the middle and then at the end of the 42 days. I will be documenting what I am eating, drinking and what exercise I am doing and how I am feeling.
 I have been talking about doing this for the last year and a half and finally I am doing it.
Monday 30 Jan is Day 1 of 42.
Night before day 1:
 I am excited and nervous. Just finished off my last Pizza for a long time. It was fantastic by the way. I have been battling with my health on and off for a long time. I have been fluctuating in my weight and fitness and I am sick and tired of it. I think a lot of my problems stem from my Carb and sugar addiction. I had surgery on my neck 12 years ago and it still gives me trouble today. I have allergies, sneezing 8 times in a row nearly every morning waking up the whole house, I get swollen eyes from time to time, and blocked sinuses that hinder my breathing.
 A lot of this, I am thinking, is due to grains in my diet. I eat well most of the time however, I have a lot of bad habits that effect my health. When I binge I really do go all out. I can eat a whole loaf of bread, block of family chocolate, 3 magnum ice cream with ease. I have even raided the kids snacks from time to time( gingerbread people are so good!).
 I have been preaching good eating for a while now only to be bingeing on things, that I know arem't good choices, behind closed doors. So enough is enough and time to put my money where my mouth is!
 No grains or sugar for the next 6 weeks just good healthy fats, protein, vegetables and some fruits like berries and green apple. I will train two days a week with Aaron and then do 30 min of some type of movement every other day, mostly walking my fat dog Nelli who is like me and needs this!!
Wish me luck, it is going to be great. I will be sharing with you all recipes, workouts and general info that has and hasn't helped me. I am the one who will make or break this. I know I can do this! I cant wait to be lean and fit with a healthier lifestyle. I can't wait to chase my 4 year old son around without getting puffed after 2 minutes. He needs a dad who can keep up with him, and I want to be that dad. I know this will help me be a better husband, father and person. What great motivation!