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Welcome to the best organic butcher in Sydney, NSW

WE Have sold Our Retail shop in Vaucluse to another butcher Called Field to fork from Bondi. We are moving our operation to the Farm, stay tuned for more exciting news.

GRUB is a family-owned, ethical and sustainable butcher in Sydney’s Vaucluse. While our shop is located in the eastern suburbs, we offer a convenient home-delivery service that allows us to take our grass fed meat to Newcastle, Canberra, down to Wollongong - and everywhere in between.

What is the GRUB food philosophy?

As Sydney’s leading sustainable grass fed butcher, we believe that animals raised in a truly free-range environment - with access to their natural diet and the ability to exhibit their normal behaviors - is an ethical approach, and one that will produce healthy animals.

Moreover, we believe that consuming food that has come from healthy animals will result in healthier outcomes for people than alternate food sources. And, beyond animal products, we believe that plant-based foods that are grown and produced free of chemicals and artificial preservatives will be more nutritious and less damaging to the environment. This is the GRUB philosophy, and part of what makes us one of the best butchers in Sydney.

Any product we stock has to be consistent with our beliefs as a sustainable meat butcher. This means we only supply organic or grass fed and finished meat from animals raised in their natural free-range environment, and without the use of growth hormones or sub-therapeutic applications of antibiotics. This goes for the beef, lamb, pork, chicken - the lot. When it comes to our beef and lamb, the animals have been raised on pasture and finished on pasture. No grain. Ever.

A lot more than meat

Whether you’re buying eggs or a grass fed steak - you’re getting an organically grown, free range product from a retail butcher committed to ethical practices.

As well as being a meat butcher, we also stock a large range of organic and whole foods for your pantry, including vegetables, cheeses, spices and teas. There’s everything from coconut products to olive oils and dairy.

We invite you to check out the range online (and maybe order grass fed meat delivery within our Newcastle/Canberra/Wollongong delivery area), enjoy a mouth-watering grass fed steak at the Side Door, or just have a browse in our store and organic butcher in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

To speak to the team at one of the best retail butchers in NSW, call (02) 9337 3063 today. Feel free to ask questions about our products and services - if we don’t know the answers we know the producers who do.

Come and try our truly delicious and healthy food...